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About us

LFC International Medical Development Center(Aibisheng China Company Ltd) is an international medical consultancy services corporation based in American state of California. LFC China was established in 2011, and based in Nanjing, China.

The services from LFC includes: scientific research cooperation, international further study of doctor, international talents training, establish friendship hospital, senior management training, international meeting, inviting professor to give lectures in China, providing doctor career counseling, etc.

LFC has successfully cooperated with more than 200 medical institutes, from hospitals directly under Health Development Planning Commission to hospitals of level II, and we have promoted the exchange and cooperation on medical skills and management between Chinese hospitals and foreign medical centers, improved the medical level and management ability.

LFC devote ourself to import foreign advanced medical skills and excellent talents and help Chinese doctors to get further study in worldclass medical center.
In the next few years, LFC will become a general high-end platform for further study of Chinese doctor, importing foreign medical skills, research cooperation and international academic conferences, better help Chinese doctor in their career.

Corporate Vision
Life from Care: life comes from care, indicating the industry attributes
Five fingers link together, indicating cooperation. The five-pointed star represents the passion, courage, experience and fortune we owned are shining like stars, and everyone of us could feel and share the light and power of the stars- cooperation.
V represents staff, customer, shareholder, partner, society, indicating all-win.
Our Core value: cooperation, share, all-win.
Our Vision: To establish the biggest general high-end medical service platform.
Our Mission: Having doctors from the whole world sharing global medical resource, improving  together.